Logistics Management 

With MicroLogic's Logistics Management, you can reduce costs and improve delivery time with our inventory and logistics management. Our 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility allows us to offer complete product management for your company. We can stock inventory and deliver as you need. Time is money, and putting products where they need to be at the right time will save you both. 

How Logistics Management Works: 
When your equipment breaks at any location, you notify us and we will immediately ship out a replacement. You can receive it within 24 hours and you simply ship the broken equipment back to us for repair.  We will repair it, then place in our storage facility, ready to be shipped to the next location when the need arises. Our techs also handle calls and warranty claims for any broken equipment still under warranty. 

Why Our System is Superior: 
While other companies are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for on-site service technicians, our Logistics Management system provides asset control at nearly the same speed of service for just a fraction of the cost. For those who need uptime, but don’t want to pay for 24/7 service, MicroLogic's Logistics Management provides a the perfect cost-effective alternative. No more expensive on-site service and pricey in-house technicians! 

Who We Service: 
We serve, plan, maintain, and coordinate products for industry’s such as Restaurant, Government, Travel, Airlines, Retail, Transportation, Oil & Gas, and hundreds more.  There is no project to small or to big. In 2016, we repaired, stored, boxed and shipped over 1,400 printers... And that was just for two of our companies! That means that for just these two companies, we shipped to over 1,400 different locations while we simultaneously repaired, stored, boxed the same amount of printers, getting them ready to ship back out to any location they desire. We are more than equipped to efficiently handle the scope of your company's needs!

Micrologic Systems also offers complete consumable management. Many of the companies we service require hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory and supplies to be shipped in the course of just one month. We are prepared to efficiently anticipate your company's needs no matter how large or small.